My name is Cindy and I just finally reached my 20th year of life :)  I have been living in Indonesia since I was born. Its been two and half years since the first time I walked into my college hall and yes, college is a place where you will experience many things that change both yourself... and your life.

my brother- my mom- me

I am studying business management with a major on corporate finance, so I know a lot about numbers, statistics, investment, and fundamental analysis. Besides my major, I also fall in love with interior design and organizing, they always brighten up my days!

I always busy during both weekdays and weekends with assignments, tests, and exams. I can have 3-4 papers and presentations every week! There were nights when I didn't sleep to complete my assignments. and there were another nights when I only sleep 2 hours to study for tomorrow's exam. Not until I get to the point where I finally realized that everything will be so much easier only if I know how to organize my college life.

Then.. from time management until dorm room, I start to organize everything. and BAM! I can sleep 6 hours every night and get more sleep the day before exams. It's true sometimes when we pay attention to the details, our life change! :) So, that's what you will find in this blog, coming from my personal experience of  organizing our college life to make it easier and more meaningful for us :)

Followers and new readers are very welcomed, I am glad that you have taken a moment of your day to visit and ready my story.

Although we never met in real worlds, this blog is the way we can be friends to each other, thank you for visiting :)

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