02 October 2012

May Star- Little Family Time

Finally, I had a free time to relax for a while and write a post for my blog. I have a lot of assignments and I have to start studying for my mid-term exam. This post is going to be a little bit personal :)

So, a couple of weeks ago, me and my family went to May Star to celebrate both my brother (23) and sister (18) birthday! Since my brother have been very busy with his business and me with school stuffs, we didn't have much time to meet and talk. So, I was really happy when we finally have some quality time as a family! 
We ordered a lot of dimsum served with a cup of hot chinese tea. 

I didn't have a chance to take a lot of pictures because my sister and brother was like "Please stop taking pictures and eat!" Yeah, I had been a little bit obsessed with taking pictures since my brother gave me this camera. Anyway, happy birthday to my beloved brother and sister :D

This is my brother's favorite dessert ever since he was a little boy, We called it " kue susu (milk cake) " It has a crunchy texture of pastry combined with very delicate cake texture. 

I didn't like this one but my mom and my sister are crazy about this. This called "ceker ayam/ chicken claw"

I forgot what they called for this one but this is pork served with a sauce.

This is my sister's dessert, we called it BakPao. The purple liquid is known as talas in Indonesia.

Finally my favorite dish of the day, Xiao Long Bao / Soup dumplings! 

Best tea ever

I was trying to learn taking pictures. I actually only use a digital camera.

I was very sad when my family time is over, but I had to go back with my responsibilities as both a daughter and a student :)


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