21 September 2012

The importance of a goal for college student

( As I promised, I will write more posts during weekend since my weekdays is dominated by school assignments! )

Some people know what they want for their life, while the rest is still trying to figure it out. As I mentioned before that one of the things that I wish I knew as a freshman is to know the importance of a goal and how to make one. Before we get to the second point, we have to take a moment to realize how a goal, even a simple one, can change the way we live our life ( Yes, this is not something that only applicable in college )


A goal or an aspiration will direct you to be able to make right decisions and choices in your college life. A person who always find difficulty in decision-making is usually caused by living without aspiration. Think about it. If you know that you want to get GPA of 4.00 this semester in college you will be able to make your priority. Perhaps, your first priority is to study every night for 2 hours and work on assignments earlier. So, when your friends ask you to go out, you will be able to say "no" without second thought because you know what you really want. Of course, you still have to go out with friends sometimes, but you will be surely know when to say "no". 

enhance your potential

Ambition, is what you will have once you determine your goals in college. Then, this ambition leads you to push yourself and enhance your true potential in a way that you never imagined. It will bring out everything you got in yourself and you are going to see how capable you are. Sky is the limit. If you are determined to get 4.00 GPA no matter what happen, you will do everything you can to be there and you will see the other side of yourself that you never knew, trust me :)

change your life

This comes from my personal experience. Let me tell you a little story about my college life. I wasn't  born as a smart student like my brother was, I got 0.07 for my math exam when I was in junior school. I sad and thought I was stupid.. But I realized I wasn't and I never! I only didn't study for my math exam and it was because I didn't know what I want from my school life at that time, no one guided me. Now in college, I am known as one of those students with high GPA and it's all simply because I know exactly and clearly what I want :)

So, if you are waiting for a change in your life, make one by setting your goal and purpose :)

Everything I write here is coming from my personal experience and knowledge that I got from many years of learning process. Please kindly ask my permission before copying my content.

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