12 September 2012

The benefits of a successful time management in college

I received an email asking how to be successful in managing our time as a college student. Sometimes we always success in completing all assignments and homework, but we still feel that we do need a better time management. Why? Because we think we will achieve a better result in college by having a better time management. Trust me, it is definitely true!

Before we get to the point of how to have a successful time management in college, it's worth to take a moment to look at why time management is important in College and what benefits that we will get by building a good time management :

1) Better grade

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This may be the best part of successful time management in college, better grade. This is true. By having a successful time management, your opportunity to get a straight A+ will grow even bigger than before. Many of A+ students will agree with this statement, the most crucial key to get A+ is time management. Both the A+ student and D student have 24 hours a day but they have a different result in college because the way they manage their time is completely different. Now it makes sense, isn't it?

2) Less stress = more success

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In your opinion, which one is more stressful : to study 1-1.5 hours every night, get 8 hours sleep before exams, and get straight A+, or... study 12 hours and only get 2 hours sleep before exams, and get perhaps B-? I would prefer the first one!
Coming from my personal experience, time management will reduce our stress in college life because the way it organize our study schedule and our life. We will have more hours to sleep and relax before exams.

3) Save your time = more free time

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Surprise? Don't be. You will find out when you have a better time management that free time is one the benefits. Let we think about it together, by managing our time and schedule we will have our quality time to focus on study and assignments. Suppose by having a better time management we pass all our classes in college so we don't have to take the same classes for next semester. It's actually save our time right? 
I have friends who failed at some of their subjects in college and they have to take extra classes during summer holiday in order to pass their subjects. It's such a wasting of time!

We've looked at 3 major benefits of a successful time management in college, I'll talk about keys to successful time management in college on upcoming post, keeping up!


  1. Time management is my biggest weakness... I'm working on it though!


    1. There was a moment too when I struggled with time management! Don't worry, it's a learning process right?:)

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