02 September 2012

5 Small space storage ideas all under $99 for college dorm room

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

I always look for fresh and inspire ideas for storage in college dorm room including basket, boxes, hanging shelves, or something in between. When we choose storage for college dorm room, one of the most important thing for us to remember is the fact that we have to be able to utilize the storage even after we graduate from college. Because we surely want something that last for long-term time frame, don't we? So, here I found 5 new, fresh, and long-term storage ideas for college dorm room, hopefully it will inspire you! ( P.S : remember that we don't have to purchase a new item to lighten up our dorm room, we can use these items to inspire us make our own little diy )

Hideaway Basket Storage Tower
Hide away basket storage tower $79.00

1) This hide away basket storage tower is fit with its name because we can carry this storage to whenever we want in college dorm room. We can hide it inside our wardrobe or behind our bed. Besides, it also comes with 3 boxes in vertical line which will save our horizontal space.

Wicker Stackable Bins
Wicker Stackable bins $8

2) I love this wicker stackable bins for one and several reasons. I think this is a smart storage solution for small college dorm room because we can organize these boxes in vertical line and it comes with stackable label that will remind us what we put inside the box.

diy ideas: we can make our own label by using craft paper 

Beadboard Peg Shelf
Bedboard Peg shelf $59

3) Remember that I mentioned in "Live large in college dorm room part 1: sleeping corner" that using hanging shelves on our bed is a smart way to add additional storage while at the same time decorating our sleeping corner? Well, this one is better! because this one also comes with simple hooks. We can hang our accessories, keys, and scarf when at the same time put our books, letter and boxes on the shelf. 

diy ideas: we can actually purchase the hooks separately for saving budget and put it on our hanging shelves

3-Tier Wire Bath Shelf
3 Tier wire bath shelf $14 

4) Small college dorm room usually also has a small bathroom, but we can't forget to organize our bathroom. This 3 tier wire bath shelf almost can organize everything we need in bathroom from bathroom supplies until bathroom accessories. Moreover, this will save our space by maximize the vertical space.

diy ideas: purchase a hook and we can use our old bathroom storage by make a small hole on top of it.

Alternate View
wood and wire wall multi basket $99

5) This is another way to decorate and utilize our sleeping corner. This one is perfect for a book and magazine lover who like to read a book before bed-time.

So, I hope you are inspired by this post :)


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