01 September 2012

Live large in a small college dorm room part 4 : Dressing space

All of us need a place where we can dress-up in the morning and get ready before we go to school, especially if you are a girl. We need a place to organized our clothes and keep our make up in college dorm room. So, let's get started to look at what do we need at dressing space in a small college dorm room.

College dorm room : Dressing space essentials

1) 3-drawer chest

Unless your dorm room provides you with a wardrobe, this 3-drawer chest may be the perfect solution to store your clothes. What I love about using 3 drawer chest is we can actually put other things like make up, mirror, and jewelry on top of it. So, it has double function as a dressing table too! 

VALLVIK 3 drawer chest IKEA
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2) Make-up and beauty supplies organizer

A small make up bag with zipper is an easy way to keep your make-up especially if you like to bring your make-up in your bag.

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Of course you have another option to organize your make up in dressing space. If you have a lot of make-up and hair accessories, a make up desktop organizer is more suitable for you than a make-up bag. You can also put your hairdryer, sunblocks, and more in it.  

vintage hair accessories organizer picture
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Another choice to keep your make-up and beauty supplies stay organized is by using a small beauty station. What I love from this beauty station is that we can actually hang the station on the wall to save some dressing space. The other thing that I love is it comes with a little mirror inside it which make it easier to dress up in the morning.

compact beauty station for girls dressing room
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3) Jewelry organizer

There are many ways to organize our jewelry in college dorm room. One of those is using this simple jewelry shelf display and then put it on the top of your 3-drawer organizer. This is an easy and simple way to organize your jewelry.  

{image credit}

If you have many jewelry and looking for the way to organize it, you may want to try this mix of jewelry organizers. It has a ceramic egg holder, the antique hand ashtray, and a deer head holder. It's very lovely right?

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4) Mirror mirror on the wall

Last but not least, we all know that every dressing table needs a mirror. The thing is we don't have a dressing table in college dorm room. So, using a small stand mirror and put it on the top of 3 drawer chest is a good idea. Another thing you can do is to put a hanging mirror on top of 3 drawer chest.

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So, this is the end of Live large in a small college dorm room posts, I wish you find your inspiration to organize and utilize each corner of your college dorm room! :)

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