08 September 2012

How to manage a busy schedule in college

I've been very busy lately with college stuffs. My new semester just started so I have to follow the new syllabus and schedule, I am also in the middle of International Competition with my partner representing my college ( wish me luck! ), I have my internship coming this Monday, and I have to work on many school assignments. Besides, I also want to take a moment to write a great blog post for my beloved reader :)

This is the snapshot of my to-do-list this weekend

The truth is, I do feel overwhelmed in the last couple of days. I don't know where I should start working and no one seems really done yet.  Do you experience the same thing?

So, this morning I decided to take a moment to review and manage my busy schedule before everything get worse. How to manage a busy schedule in college? 

1.) Prioritize

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I know next week will be another super busy week, and therefore I want to utilize this weekend to relax as well as work on some next week assignments. The first thing I do is to organize my tasks and responsibilities based on their priorities There are two ways to do this:

Prioritize based on the due dates
We can make a priority according to the due dates of each tasks. The task that have earlier due date should be done first before anything else.

Prioritize based on the importance
Another way to make a priority is to prioritize the tasks based on their importance. Focus on the task that have huge impact in our college life is better than dividing our focus on multiple tasks with small impact in our college life. The question that should be asked is, " which one is more important than others?"

2.) Good time management

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Once we make our priority on the tasks, we can start to organize our busy schedule by making a plan for our time management. For example, I know I want to spend 3 hours today to work on my upcoming competition because it is my priority right now. Then, I want to spend 1 hour to study for Monday test. I usually organize my plan using my daily planner. I make a time management plan for one week including weekend. I do this to make sure that every task will be done on time with the best result.

( P.S : Time management is a long learning process so I will talk more about this subject on later post )

3.) Stick to the plan

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This might be the hardest step to manage a busy schedule in college, stick to the plan. It requires commitment and hard work. I usually do this by thinking the consequences if I don't stick to the plan. In my case, it might be not being prepared enough for competition which means I don't appreciate this valuable opportunity and disappoint many people. Once I think about it, I'm sure I will follow my plan although I have to sacrifice a lot of time that I could have been used for watching my favorite TV shows or even sleeping.

4.) Reward yourself

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The last thing to do is give a reward for yourself after you have succeed to manage your busy schedule in college. Spend 2 hours to watch your favorite movie in weekend or go out for family dinner is worth to do. Remember we have to keep the balance of our college life :)

So, there are 4 steps to manage a busy schedule in college coming from my personal experience. Have a nice weekend :)

I wonder if you have another tips to manage a busy schedule in college, share with me :)

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