07 September 2012

Fabulous college dorm room ideas and inspiration

Whether it is your college dorm room or your first apartment, you need to be creative with spaces and ideas for your bedroom. I hope you will find your inspiration for decorating your college dorm room!

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1) This is the great inspiration for college dorm room because we can see there are sleeping corner, study corner, shelves as well as dressing space in one small space. Why I love this college dorm room:

  • Using cubed bookcases to become a room divider between spaces is a great idea, isn't it? It creates a bit of privacy while also can be functional for our dorm room.
  • I love using a floor-to-ceiling curtain for the sleeping corner in college dorm room. Especially when we share our dorm room with someone. Using long curtain will help us to have a privacy in our sleeping corner.
  • The room uses vertical space by having floating shelves in both study space (CD rack) and sleeping corner (books and clocks)

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2) If you are looking for a good example of a small bedroom that maximize the vertical space, this is exactly the best example that I've ever found. This is a small college dorm room, but it definitely have enough storage to keep everything we will ever need in college. How does this room maximize their storage spaces :

  • 5 classic plastic containers that is being set up in vertical line
  • Floating shelves that maximizes the ceiling space
  • Clothing rack that is suit the best with small college dorm room
  • A lot of boxes to keep everything organized. Tips : Pick a color for your boxes that is matched with your wall paint color.

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3) What make this dorm room stunning is the amazing pink-white stripes wall paper. It truly changes that whole room, don't you think? The other thing that I love about this room is 2 silver poufs that are just perfectly match with the color of wallpaper. As I've mentioned before that poufs is a very useful pieces for your college dorm room since it can be used for guest seating, coffee table, and more!

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4) This is a very simple dorm room but it is being decorated by the pieces that is in this room including the pattern pillows that is matched with the pattern we find in curtain, the big stand mirror that brings the new atmosphere into this dorm room, and photo frames that is used for the headboard.

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5) You will love this dorm room if you like to spend a lot of time in the dressing space. Using a dressing drawer is perfect because you can put your jewelry, make up, table lamps on it. It also has a function as additional storage for your dorm room. The final touch is a hanging mirror beside your dressing drawer that will make a perfect morning dressing time for you.

So, these are 5 fabulous college dorm rooms to inspire you. I hope you find great ideas and inspirations along the way!:)

Do you have any example of other fabulous college dorm room? Share with me! :)


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