10 September 2012

Dorm room inspiration : a beautiful suitcase

So, what do you do with your suitcase/luggage after moving into your dorm room? I used to hide it under my bed until the time to go home arrived. However, I found there are many interesting ways to utilize our suitcase in college dorm room! With little creativity and inspiration, we can create many things from our old suitcase. While writing this post, I really want to search my old suitcase and think what can I do with it!

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1) The idea is to put your suitcase under your bed and it turns to be under bed storage! You can also put your suitcase under your coffee table along with other baskets to additional storage. I really love using this white suitcase!

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2) Put your white suitcase on your bedside table will be a great accessories for your dorm room especially if you have a vintage white suitcase.

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3) A smaller suitcase can be used to be a jewelry organizer

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Rustic Off White Trunk
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4) If you have some square suitcases, you can turn it to be a coffee table or bedside table ! While at the same time you can also utilize it as a storage, e.g. put your old books inside the suitcase is a great storage idea right?

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5) This is very creative, isn't it? it turns an old square suitcase to be a mini drawer to organize shoes and clothes. I truly love the ideas! All we have to do is to put floating shelves inside the suitcase, very simple!

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6) This one is also another creative idea. Using old mini suitcase to organize our towels and other bathroom supplies!

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6) I think this one is amazing! It turns a suitcase to be your make up counter by setting up a mirror, mini shelves+drawer, and mini lamps inside the suitcase!

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7) This is actually a little diy. The ideas is to turn an old suitcase to be a file organizer and work space accessories. If you pay attention they also use the suitcase to be pin board to put photos and quick notes. Another great accessories to brighten up our study space in dorm room!

    So, is there anyone of you that have used suitcase in your dorm room? Do you like the ideas?
 I hope you are inspired!:)



  1. such nice inspirations! too bad that my suitcases are not that pretty lol.


    1. Thank you! They are lovely right?

      P.S: Many people actually paint their old suitcase and turn it into these amazing inspirations!


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