09 September 2012

Cure stress in college : Dealing with pressure

There are moment when I take a lot of responsibilities that lead to stressful atmosphere which (again) leads to college nightmare and disaster when nothing is right in anything I'm working on. Have you ever felt the same experience like I did?

Finally, I realize that once we feel overwhelmed, we have to immediately find a way to cure stress. The good thing is once we deal with the pressure, we can get back in line : focus and work hard to get the best result. So, if you are under college pressure, I hope this post will help and inspire you :)

1.) Family time

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One of the most effective way to deal with the pressure in college is to drop everything for a moment and have a quality time with your family. If you are staying in dorm, you can have a video call with your parents or your sister. By simply tell them about your day and ask them for support will make you feel better and loved, which is important.
I do always feel much more better after spend a few hours talking with my mom, cooking with my sister, or just having fun with each other. You should try it too :)

2.) Stretch
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In busy days, when we don't have to time to work out, try to stretch your body. Spending a day at a desk will hold and keep tension in the soft tissues which later will create poor circulation and pain. Take a moment (about 15 minutes) to gentle stretching at the end of each day will help our body to release tension and be relaxed.

3.) Eat and drink well

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Healthy foods will keep your blood sugar stable which later will give you the energy that you need. Try to prefer eat whole grain crackers or low-fat yogurt than eating ice cream or other snacks with high sugar level. You may want to check my previous post, 5 must-have healthy dorm snacks to know what foods that help you get through the pressure in college life.
The other thing to remember is to eat plenty of mineral water to prevent your body from hydration.

4.) Sleep well
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Sometimes, when we only have few hours to sleep in college busy days, we have to really fall into a deep and quality sleeping time. If you have a sleeping trouble, particular foods are there to give you quality sleeping time. Check 8 top dorm snacks to help you get to sleep

5.) Smile and laugh

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This is known as one of the best and easy way to cure stress in college life. Smile and laugh is known to release hormones which later will help you to reduce stress. So, take a moment of your day to watch funny movies or read funny stories that can entertain you.

I hope you will be able to deal with the pressure in college life and do the best in everything you do!


  1. great post! :D anyway, followed your blog :)


    1. Thank you I really appreciate it! :)


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