01 September 2012

9 Tips on How To Be Successful in Your First Day of Internship

Internship is one of the most important part in college life. It is a huge opportunity especially if you get a chance to have an internship in your dream company while you are still in college. As a college student, it is the opportunity to get a valuable experience, build a network, and a possibility that you may work at that company in the future. I was being told that first impression lasts forever and sometimes it's true. Your first day of internship will be a critical day for your success in a company. So, how to be successful in your first day of internship in college?

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1) Get enough sleep before your first day of internship

Research shows that the optimal sleep hours for an adult is 7 hours. So, go to sleep earlier a night before your first day of internship to have optimal energy and concentration in the morning. When you don't get enough sleep, you will lose your concentration and will have a negative impact in your first day of internship in college.

2) Be on-time

Being late in your first day of internship is a disaster! In an effort to build a positive first impression of your internship, make sure to come earlier in your first day of internship. Come 10-15 minutes earlier is the best way to brighten up your morning in the office. You can use your time to get prepared or to get to know and analyse your environment (since it's your first day)

3) Do a research

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Before your first day of internship, do a research on company's background. Luckily, most of the big company have their own websites which provide us with reliable information that we will need to know in the first day of internship. Find the information regarding to company's work environment and company's history to provide you with knowledge of company's background. This will be useful when your supervisor ask your opinion that is related with company's history. Better prepared yourself.

4) Pay attention to dress-code

This is another reason why doing a research is important to your first day of internship. The last thing you want to happen in your first day is wearing a totally wrong dress code. Find information or asking the company administration about what is company's dress code for working days.

5) Prepare a notepad

You will get a lot ( I mean A LOT) of new information in your first day of internship. So, as a college student, prepare yourself with a little notepad in your hands to write important things like your partner's name (this is important), company's schedule, company's rules & regulations, and of course your job description. By preparing a note pad, your supervisor will see that you have a preparation for your first day, which is good.

6) Listen to your supervisor

Your supervisor is there to guide you through your internship, so keep in mind to listen every word he/she says to you in the first day. Try to understand his/ her personality and perspective. You will only be able to impress your supervisor by know what he/she expects of your presence in company. So, don't interrupting your supervisor while he/she is talking to you.

7) Remember : Silence is not golden

However, you can't always and always remain silence in the first day of your internship. What you have to do is :

  • ASK,  if there is something you don't understand or you want to know more about company. If your supervisor gives you a task, make sure you know the details of the task by asking the direction from your supervisor. On the other side, if your supervisor haven't give you any task, you should ask him , "Can I help you with anything?" to show that you are initiative to have a responsibility.

  • ANSWER,  if your supervisor ask your opinion on something related to work it means he would like to know your perspective which later will define who you are. So, don't remain silent or answer something like "I don't know", " I have no idea", "I think you know better than me" to your supervisor because you think that you are just a college student who are in internship. Its a wrong perspective, you are a part of company now! Conversely, it will be good if you answer with your own opinion and knowledge. I'm sure that your supervisor will appreciate your answer.

8) Communicate with others

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In the first day of internship, you have to introduce yourself with others and try to have positive communication with them.. Don't remain as a total stranger in the office, if you do this in your first day people will assume that you have no intention to build a relationship with others. So, get communicate with people around you! Remember that you are a college student and you may be the youngest in the office, so talk with respect and manner with people around you.

9) Enjoy your first day!

Last but not least, you have to really enjoy your first day of internship in college. You may get nervous but you will also find a lot of new valuable experiences in internship. Enjoy it and be happy, then you will bring a positive energy into a room.

Good luck with your first day of internship in college! :)
Do you have any other tips for college student's first day of internship from your experience? Share with us!

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