05 September 2012

8 Top dorm snacks that help you get to sleep

Having a trouble in sleeping before a big day like exam or internship is really bothering me. When I got nervous about tomorrow, it will be hard to fall asleep, I don't even know why! Do you have the same experience? Not until I did a research to help me get a high quality sleeping time and I found that there are actually foods with particular ingredients that able to help us to go to sleep.

So, what are the foods that will help us to sleep? Before we get into that point we may want to know what foods that can give us a trouble sleeping. Eating foods with high-sugar carbohydrate like cake and candy will produce unstable blood sugar and cause you to wake up at 2 or 3 and hard to go back to sleep!  On the other side, foods with high-protein level will produce a stable blood sugar which give us a calm and quality sleeping time.

1) Chamomile and Green Tea

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Drink a decaf chamomile or green tea will help us get to sleep. This is because green tea provides us with theanine that induce our body to feel sleepy. Remember that I mentioned green tea in 5 must-have healthy dorm snacks that a cup of green tea will relax our mind. It is recommended to drink 1 cup hot decaf chamomile or green tea 1 hour before we go to sleep.

2) Warm Milk

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This is known as a traditional cure to sleep. When you need to go to sleep earlier, try to drink a cup of warm milk before bed-time. Research shows that milk contains a small amount of tryptophan which will help you to fall asleep through calming our hormones.

3) Banana

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This might be one of my favorite bedtime foods because it's easy yet delicious, banana. It is a source of magnesium and potassium that help us to relax over stressed muscles ( remember that most of us have trouble sleeping because we're stressful! ). So, eat one banana or be creative to make your own banana smoothies before you go to sleep.

4) Eggs

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Keep in mind that we need to eat pre-bedtime snacks which provide us with high protein level to help us stay asleep and eggs is one of the best. Eggs probably won't help too much for us to get to sleep, but it really helpful to help us stay asleep through the night instead of waking up at 2 or 3 am.

5) Oatmeal

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Another foods that induce sleeping time is a warmth of a steamy bowl of oatmeal. It helps us to release our tiredness and fall into a deep sleep. Keep in mind to use only a small amount of sugar to prevent anti-calming effect (remember we have to avoid high-sugar level foods). The other option that I love is to serve a warm oatmeal with milk and banana instead of sugar. There you are, eating a full bowl of sleepy-foods!

6) Almonds

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Do you still remember that foods with high-protein level will help you to stay asleep? Almonds is also one of them. In fact, almond also contains magnesium, the same nutrition that we find in banana which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation. 

7) Whole-grain cereal

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Another foods to help you get to sleep is a low fat and whole grain cereal  which contains complex carbohydrate-rich foods that increase the sleep-inducing effect. It is recommended to serve it with hot milk to complete your bed time snacks through its protein.

8) Edamame Beans

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Remember this little green beans? It is a source of natural estrogen-like compounds that gives us a good quality sleeping time. Boil it with a bunch of salt when you want to eat a salty bed-time snacks.

So, whenever you need to have a good sleep before your big day, try these 8 foods for your bed-time snacks! Do you also have your favorite bed-time snacks? Share with us :)

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