02 September 2012

7 desk accessories to brighten up your study spaces

Every study space has its own beautiful accessories to brighten up the space. When it comes to study space for college dorm room, it has different story. A small space forces us to be creative, to look for desk accessories that is beautiful yet functional at the same time. That is what I'm looking for today, the ideas to brighten up study space in college dorm room with little, beautiful, and functional desk accessories. Excited to see what I found? Here they are:

Thought for the day $16.00

1) This little box contains with 365 inspirational quotes and words to bring in a spirit and freshness to our study space in college dorm room. It also comes with wire and clips so we will able to hang these inspirational quotes in our study space. I love to have inspirational quotes around me in my study space, I'm sure it will give me a motivation that I need to study well in college.

diy ideas : we can print out our own inspiration quotes and use a simple wire and clips, really simple!

Clip note organizer $12

2) This may be seems small but this clip note organizer is strong enough to keep our business cards, notes, and even photos. It is a really functional items for its size, isn't it?

Kickstand Trash Can
Kickstand trash can $29
3) This cute and colorful trash will help us to organize the clutter on our study space. It comes with helping us to kick the trash separately based on its categories including paper only, trash, and recycle.

Ceramic memo board $15

 4) There are times when we need a quick memo so we grab a big empty paper, write on it, and then a day later we throw the memo. So, we may want to stop wasting papers for a quick memo that we only need for a moment with this ceramic memo board. What I love about this ceramic memo board is the fact that we can use it again and again because it comes with erasable pen. 

Dream + Believe Word Bookends
Dream believe word bookends $30.99

5) This bookends will absolutely looks beautiful in our college dorm room study space. I really love the color and the shape of this bookends. At the same time, it also motivate us through the words "dream and believe". This one will become a focus point and statement in our study space.

Desk Caddy $30
6) This beautiful desk caddy comes with 3 storage to organize our study supplies separately. I love the color and the patterns of this one that will brighten up our study space, especially when I found out that the pattern of this desk caddy is actually hand painted! ( which actually means we can paint the one for our little diy )

Brasserie pewter dish $20

7) This one is elegant. The design is inspired by Paris flea market. When this pewter dish will decorate our study space, it is also functional to organize our clips or other little study supplies.

Desk accessories are meant to add beautiful atmosphere to our study space in college dorm room. I hope you are inspired :)

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