02 September 2012

6 ways to successfully start the new semester in college

My new semester in college just began and I just want to start it in a right way. Coming from my personal experience, I would say that the way we start and prepare ourselves for the new semester will affect our journey throughout the semester. So, how to start and prepare the new semester in college? Here are how I started it :

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule and PLAN

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I usually write my new schedule for new semester in my personal day planner. This will let me know what time I should wake up everyday and what books to be prepared for each day. In fact, knowing my schedules provides me with a better insight for upcoming busy days and have a better time management throughout the new semester.

2. Syllabus 
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Pay attention to the new semester syllabus will  save me from semester disaster including forgetting my exam schedules, having no idea when my final assignments have to be submitted, and more. Since my college always provides the information on upcoming exams and assignments at the beginning of new semester, I always take advantage from this system to plan out my new semester. By knowing my new semester exam schedule, I will know when I have to start studying to prepare my exam. By knowing when my final assignments have to be submitted, I know when I have to start working on my assignments. It is much more better than being stressed out at the day before a exams and assignments due date.

3. Prepare the new semester books

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The second I know what books are required for the new semester, I'll try to get the book on my hand as soon as possible. Actually this one is coming from my first and second semester experience when I didn't buy the books as the semester started and bought it like 2 weeks before the exam when I realized I need the books to study. I lost many time that I should have used for studying and preparing my new semester. Therefore, now I'd prefer to prepare the books immediately as the new semester starts.

4. Make a goal

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Having a goal for new semester gives me an excitement throughout the semester. You should try it too! It doesn't have to be always an academic goal, we can make a goal in another sides of our life like take for example, financial goal. In the beginning of new semester, we can say that we want to be able to save our money better by..... or we want to be able to have...and the end of this semester. New semester is a new beginning right?

5. Organize

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I always organize many things to welcome the new semester in college including my last semester papers, my books, my school bag, and most importantly, my study space! I do this because I know I'll have no time to organize these things as soon as the new semester begin and I don't want to walk on my new semester in unorganized desk, papers, and books. Therefore, it is important to organize our study space in college dorm room before the new semester begin.

6. Sleeping beauty

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Research shows that it takes someone 2 weeks to adapt with a new sleeping schedule that later will become a habit. So, 2 weeks before the semester begin try to manage your sleeping time that has changed during long holiday. Sleep earlier, and wake up earlier to welcome our new semester!

So, have you prepared to start the new semester in college? Good luck! :)


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to follow it :)

    1. Hi rissa, you're very welcomed! I'm glad to hear that :)


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