27 August 2012

Steal this style : Bedroom Wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper is the first thing we have to consider before we choose other furniture to balance it. Wallpaper comes with all patterns and color, we have to choose the one that reflects our personality and character. Here I share some pictures to hopefully inspire and help you to choose the right bedroom wallpaper that is most comfortable with you. enjoy!

Coral floral bedroom | Modern decorating ideas | Style at Home | Housetohome
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1) This bold tangerine wallpaper brings the summer atmosphere into this room when at the same time make the statement of this bedroom. The trick of using coral floral wallpaper is to balance the bright scene with neutral carpet and curtain.

Grey floral and crimson bedroom | Contemporary country decorating ideas | Style at Home | Housetohome
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2) This grey floral wall paper gives a sensual and dramatic style for the whole bedroom

Mint green floral bedroom | Modern decorating ideas | Homes & Gardens | Housetohome
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3) Using mint green floral wallpaper gives a restful scene into this bedroom. The trick is to support the wallpaper by green accessories in bedroom including blanket, pillow, and table lamp.

Pretty monochrome bedroom | Bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk
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4) This pretty monochrome wallpaper are fresh and match best with white furniture.

Relaxing bedroom | Contemporary bedrooms | Image | Housetohome.co.uk
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5) This neutral and relaxing wallpaper is best combined with neutral color scheme.

Damask bedroom | Single bed | Image | Housetohome.co.uk
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6) The elaborate pattern of black damask-style wallpaper gives a five-star statement into this room. If you want to bring a chic hotel look with this wallpaper, choose elegant black furniture.

Contemporary bedroom dressing area | Bedroom designs | Image | Housetohome.co.uk
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7) Who doesn't afraid to play with pattern? Inspired by fiftieth interior design hero to creates this bold and elegant room with mix pattern between wallpaper and furniture.

Bedroom with dramatic black wallpaper | Modern bedrooms | Wallpaper | Image | Housetohome
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8) I love this dramatic black wallpaper that is combined by cream and peach bedlinen which brings a super elegant look into the bedroom.

Animal-print bedroom | Bedrooms | Animal prints | Image | Housetohome
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9)If you love animal print, combine it with neutral tones to keep the look fresh.

Patterned bedroom | Bedroom ideas | Image | Housetohome
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10) The key of mixing pattern between wallpaper and furniture in your bedroom is to stick to one color like this picture.

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11) This shimmering and dramatic wallpaper make a statement of the bedroom. Combined it with neutral and natural furniture.

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