23 August 2012

Save Our Planet, Save Our Money


Climate change is everywhere in the news and we all know how it will impacts our earth. Wondering if is there anything we can do? I am happy to answer YES, there are (actually) many things we can do as a college student to save our planet!
The good news is we can save our planet and save our money at the same time. After doing some research, I am proudly present:

1. Save the Energy

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There are some ways to save the energy that we use everyday:

  • Use compact fluorescent light bulb (CFLs). It use 75% less energy and will last10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. 
  • Make sure to set your thermostat 3 or 5 degrees lower everyday. 
  • Unplug appliances when you are not using them 
  • Make sure to turn off all lights before you leave your room

2. Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Use a reusable water bottle not only save you some money but it also help to reduce plastic waste instead of using a plastic bottle water. Always bring a reusable water bottle to your college.

3. Buy Only Important Books

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Saving your money by only buying important books for your college. Checking if there is available e-book for your course is also a good way to save some money. Remember at the same time, you also reduce the waste of paper! Because each paper and ink that used to print a book will contribute to global warming. 

4. Save the Water

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Keep in mind that water is finite resource. There are some ways to save the water in college:
-Take shorter shower and turn off water while you are brushing your teeth will lower your bills and savings some energy and water.
-Wash clothes when you have a full load of clothes will save both the water and the bills that come with it.

5. Use a Binder

How many times that you do not use all papers of your notebooks?Not mention to how much it costs you to buy each notebooks for each subject. Purchasing a binder is a good choice and will save our money because all we need is one binder for all our school subjects. At the same time it also reduce the waste of paper!

Let's save our planet together!:)


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