24 August 2012

Organize your desk!


How well our desk is organized influences how well we study and work. We don't want to waste our time searching for things because of the chaos on the desk!
In order to get our desk organized, the first thing we have to do is dividing all of our desk supplies into 3 parts:

1. Supplies we use everyday
Thing we use everyday should stay on our desktop. The example of these supplies are pens, post-it, labels, clips, tape, envelopes, papers, and anything that you need to use everyday.
These items should be organized on your desk or in your desk drawers, here are some pictures to inspired you :)

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If you want to put your supplies in your desk drawers, make sure to put them separately to avoid chaos in your drawers.
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I love the idea of using hanger to organize our little things because it can save some spaces on our desk, clever idea!

2. Supplies you use frequently
Things that you use frequently should go to your desk drawers or shelves.These things could be some of your books and calculator.

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Desk drawer is a good choice to keep your electronic stuffs like the picture above. 

{image credit}

I prefer using shelves to organize my school books, photo frames, and other things that I use frequently.

{image credit}

I love this idea of using paint can to store our paperworks.

3. Supplies for storage
The last groups is things that you do not really need to support your study. These things will make chaos on your desk, therefore should go to storage. Keep the storage nearby your study desk. You can organize these supplies with boxes and baskets.The examples of supplies for storage are our old books, files, and album photos.

Make the list of each group and start organizing your study areas!:)

{image credit}

We can use baskets to organize our storage.

I love the picture above, it is like having one station of our storage organized nicely and very suitable for small work spaces. It also have wheels which make it easy to be moved.

Make your list and start organizing!


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