22 August 2012

Optimal Study Hours by Adam-Khoo


I recently read a book by Adam Khoo and found an interesting fact and method that may influence our study habits in a very positive way!
Do you know that our memory have particular pattern? By understanding this concept you will know why there are times when you can study easily and effectively, but at the other time you can not remember anything no matter how long you've been studied. We can use our study hours efficiently if we understand the pattern of our memory.

Generally, in every study period we tend to:
- Remember things that are in the beginning of study period
- Remember things that are in the last part of study period
- Remember repetition

Research shows that with 2 hours long of study, there are only 2 points of recall : at the beginning and ending. Therefore, in every study period, no matter how much you study, there are big possibility that you will forget what you have learned in the middle of this period. 

Optimal Study Hours

Research shows that the optimal study hours for college student is no longer than 2 hours. It also have to be break down into 4 parts with 25-30 minutes each. Between every periods, we have to take a break at least 2-5 minutes to relax. Then, after 2 hours of study we have to take a break at least 30 minutes before we study again.
With this method, we will have 8 recall points and therefore, we will remember more things with this method than with traditional study method.
The ability to recall will be stronger and your study time will be more efficient.

So, take time to writhe these important points!
1. 2-hours study is most efficient
2. Breakdown that 2 hours into 4 parts with 5 minutes breaks between each part
3. Remember to relax in every break
4. After 2-hours of study, relax for 30 minutes before continue to study.

Well, I hope this method will help you to study more efficient!


*The method that is represented here come from the book "I am Gifted, So Are You" by Adam Khoo

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