31 August 2012

Live large in a small college dorm room Part 1: Sleeping corner

The first and most important space in your college dorm room is the place where you can take a nap, relax, and go to sleep at night which called sleeping corner. This place has to be most comfortable, clean ,and calm. So, here are some important things to remember about sleeping corner:

  • Use comfortable bed linen to give you a beauty sleep every night. I read somewhere that the most comfortable fabrics for bed linen is flannel and sateen cotton.
  • Wash your bed linen and blanket frequently. I suggest at least twice a week for bed linen and once a month for blanket to prevent the bacteria grow up in our sleeping corner. Therefore, you may want to have two bed linen and blanket in college dorm room.

Decorate sleeping corner:

To decorate sleeping corner in college dorm room, use colorful pillows which later will define your dorm room theme. You can also use 3-4 pillows with different pattern to lighten up your sleeping corner. The other thing we can do is to make our own headboards by using personal painting or photo frames. 
I personally prefer to use the same color tone for my pillows, bed linen, and headboards to create harmony.

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Utilize sleeping corner:

Despite it's function to provide us a place to sleep, we can also use sleeping corner to add storage in college dorm room. Do this by having under bed storage using baskets and boxes to organize your spare towels, bathroom supplies, and even your books.

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From bottom to top. The other way to utilize our college dorm room sleeping corner is by having shelves on top/ on side of our bed to organize your photo frames, books, and more. Remember to maximize our vertical space when dealing with a small college dorm room. You can simply have a hanging shelves or build your own shelves.

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Sleeping corner is the central of every bedroom including college dorm room, I suggest to take your time to organize this lovely corner  :)

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