31 August 2012

Live large in a small college dorm room part 3 : Dining Corner

If you are like me, I love eating my dinner and snacks in my college dorm room especially in a super busy time. That's why I need a dining corner in dorm room for me to eat afternoon snacks or having breakfast and dinner. It has to be simple, clean, and purposeful

my dining corner

1) Using a Tray 

The thing is I am one of those students who love to eat while studying, so I usually eat on my study desk! and my dining table is simply a tray to bring and carry my dinner. I love using tray because it keeps my study desk clean and when I finish eating my dinner I can easily clean up all the plates by carrying a tray and done. you should try it too!
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2) Coffee and side tables

The second option to create a dining corner in college dorm room is using coffee and side tables. What I love about this coffee table is the casters make it easy to move the table and it also comes with separate shelf to store magazine or flatware including spoon, chopsticks, and more. By having this coffee and side tables will really give us a different dining experience in college dorm room.
(In fact, I start to consider using this table as I'm writing this post!)

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3) Small dining table

However if you have enough space in your dorm room, you may want to bring in a small dining table for two people especially if you like to eat your dinner with your roommates. Choose a nice small round dining table so that you can have a great dining experience in your dorm room with your roommates.

Bistro-style dining room | Seaside decorating ideas | Homes & Gardens | Housetohome
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dining corner storage

The second element of dining corner for college dorm room is the storage. Coming from my personal experience, many of college students are too busy to be able to cook their own dinner in every single night. So, their dining supplies consist of spoon, chopsticks, plates, bowls, and other little things.  

1) Using a simple dish rack to organize plates and flatware

Yes yes, this is all-in one solution to organize our eating supplies and its name is "dish rack". We can organize plates, bowls, spoon, and almost everything without making a chaos. It is a really organized way to keep our eating supplies in college dorm room.

2) Mini Jars to store cookies and other snacks

Since I love having snacks in the middle of studying, I love to keep my whole grain cookies ( one of my 5 must-have healthy dorm snacks) in a jar. It is a lovely way to keep our mini snacks, isn't it?

3) Kitchen kart to complete your dining corner

So, where are you going to keep the dish rack, the jars, the snacks, and the tray? Kitchen kart is the answer! It will become a place where you will go whenever you want to have snacks or you want to serve your dinner. It is a good way to keep your dining corner organized instead of putting the dish rack, the jars, the tray separately in all over your dorm room. 

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So, are you inspired? I would love to know if you have another dining corner ideas,tell me by posting a comment if you have one  :)

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