31 August 2012

Live large in a small college dorm room part 2 : Study Space

Study space is another critical part for college student. Study space is a place where we, college student, spend most of our time to study and make assignments. Therefore, study space in college dorm room has to be organized, functional, and inspirational at the same time!

Study space essentials

I'm one of those students who love to do well in college by doing the best I can do in studying. In order to do that, let me share you my study space essentials that critical for us to be able to study properly:

Study space essentials number 1: Desk lamp

Desk lamp provides a proper light for college students to study properly. It is worth to spend some money to buy a good desk lamp for our study space 

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Study space essential number 2 : Comfortable chair

We usually spend many hours in study space and therefore we need a comfortable chair. I usually use a pillow to make it more comfortable, you can try it too instead of buying a new chair :)

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Study space essential number 3 : Storage

We need to be creative when it comes to storage for small study space. First of all, using a basket or boxes to organize magazine and notebooks for under desk storage is a wise choice instead of putting it on your little desk. 

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Second storage ideas for small study space in college dorm room is floating shelves in order to maximize the vertical space. We can use floating shelves to organize our school books and other supplies.

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Keep a desk tidy by put only and only important study supplies on it like pen, paper, notepad, and files. Remember to  use paper organizer in order to avoid paper chaos in our study space.

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Study space essential number 4 : Decoration

Study space in college dorm room also need a little decoration to make it more inspirational. You don't have to spend a lot of money to decor your study space. Try to make your own personal decoration like this diy board calendar. It is comfortable to have things that you love in your study space, just don't too much.

girly study space inspiration
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If you have this type of study desk, you can also add pattern in your study spaces by putting a warp paper with your favorite patterns under the glass of your desk.

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So, that is all from live large in a small college dorm room by focusing on study space. Keep up to the next section  :)

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