24 August 2012

Life after college : work or entrepreneur?

life after college...
work or entrepreneur

When it comes to future, most of college students face the same question : "Am I going to work in a company or start my own business?" I have to admit that when it comes to future, there are times when I also get confused and lost . Therefore, studying and learning the world of working in a company and start our own business is worth to do. Let's we get started!

work at a company

Most of college students who just graduate choose to write a good resume and work at a company. Some of them truly passionate about building a good career, on the other side some of them choose to work only because the majority of people choose it.  

Fixed Salary
The good thing of working in a company (and may be this is the reason why many people choose this option) is because it's fixed salary. We are "save" by working at a company because we know we will get fixed salary every month. Another thing is the fact that many company offer their employee health insurance, bonuses, company transportation, and many things that will attract us.

The second thing about work at a company is we get an opportunity to learn how a company works. We called it "experience". Many of people choose to work at a company to get a valuable experience that they can use someday when they want to set-up their own business.

Tight Work Schedule
The third thing about work at a company is that you will have tight work schedule, meaning you can not take holidays as you want, you can not be late and you can not come home earlier. This is a good thing for some people who are comfortable with tight work schedule.

Working in a company also demands you to be able to work with other people as a group. It demands you to be able to communicate and collaborate with other people. Working with other people also demands you to be able to work together as a group toward problem solving and critical decision.

You will have supervisor in a company who will tell you what you do every single day. Some people is no problem with this command-thing  but for other people taking commands every day is a hard thing to do. Keep in mind that your supervisor is the one who will evaluate your work and one of those who will decide your salary and career. It is very important to have a good relationship with your supervisor at company.

To sum-up, choose to work at a company if you:

  • Prefer to have fix salary
  • Looking for valuable experience to be learned
  • Comfortable with tight work schedule 
  • Able to work as a group with other people
  • Able to take a command and maintain good relationship with supervisor
My Tips
"Before you decide to work at a company, do some online research ( most of big company have their own website ) and look for some information regarding their work environment and what they offers to employee."

be an entrepreneur

There always only few students who choose this way after they graduate and one of them is my big brother. So, I am pretty familiar with life as an entrepreneur. 

The reason why there are only few students who choose to build their own businesses is because there is no certainty that their business will be success and give them some money. Unlike being an employee with fix salary, there is nothing fix as being an entrepreneur. However, it is not like we can not have any control over the risk of setting up our business. With good methods, theories, research, and dedication there is high possibility that you will have a growing and sustainable business which will often give you more money than fix salary that company offers. High Risk, High Return.

Flexible Work Hour
Be an entrepreneur means be your own boss. You do not have to be in office from 9 to 5, you can come at 11 and no one will get mad at you. However, setting up a business really needs commitment and dedication. Flexible work hour doesn't mean you can be lazy and not coming to your office whenever you want, because you do have a bigger responsibility than being an employee. In fact, most of business-owner give almost all their time to set up their business at the first year. Flexible work hour just give you chance if you want to take a break for your family time or you want to come home early to see your family. 

Unlike being an employee, to set up a business you have to know your sources of money to fund your business. It can be financed by your own saving (this is why saving in college is important if you want to be entrepreneur) or the other option is to get loans ( of course you have the interest rate). This is why many of college students start with a small business because of the limitation of funding their business.

You are a leader for your business and everyone who contribute and work for you. People often think that a leader should be tough, have a loud voice, and show high authority. However, keep in mind that a good leader is the one who understand and able to coordinate people who work for them. He/She should have the quality of being able to deal with problems and make critical decision for their business. No one is really born as a leader, it is a process of learning not genetic.

To sum up, choose to be an entrepreneur if you:
  • Risk-taker
  • Have the knowledge about how to build a business (It doesn't meant you have to go to business school, you can get these knowledge by reading books or articles and newspaper)
  • Comfortable with flexible work hour and dedicate with your business at the same time
  • Have sources of to finance your business
  • A good leader
My Tips
"If you are thinking of having your own business, try to know your passion. Then, transform your passion into a business. In this way, you will have your dedication and commitment in your business."

I really enjoying time when writing this post. I hope I can help you to make your decision for your future! :)


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