25 August 2012

Introduce you to POUFS!



So, what do you do when your friends come to your room but you do not have a sofa? and you are not comfortable to let someone sitting on your bed and your room doesn't have enough space to add some chairs and sofa? Then, poufs may be the best solution. Its very comfortable and functional. Here are a few that I love:

Andalusia Dhurrie Pouf
{image credit}

Kite Kilim Floor Pouf
{image credit}

{image credit}

{image credit}

{image credit}
{image credit}

There are many benefits of bring in poufs into a small spaces. In my experience, I can either use it to be a sitting place for my guest or I can also use is as coffee table. Again, it save my small spaces instead of bring in a small coffee table into your room.  Poufs come with different sizes, fabric, and patterns, choose the one that most comfortable with you. 


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