29 August 2012

How to deal with Homesickness in College

One of my best friend is dealing with homesickness in college. So, I make this post for her and other college students who are also dealing with the same problem. Hopefully, all of you will feel better after reading this post :)

The first time we leave the house and family where we grew up with is a tough journey. We are forced to leave the only and only place that we called "home". The first week of separation always be the hardest one to go through. We may become down mentally and physically. Here are some ways to deal with homesickness that I got from my personal experience in College:

1)  Bring some of your 'home' stuffs to college dorm.

These might be your pillows and family photos. By having 'home' atmosphere in our college dorm room will make us more comfortable than feeling  the college dorm room as a total strange place for us. I actually bought my blanket, photo frames, pillows, mugs, and teddy bears into my college dorm room, it truly made the whole room feels different! Take time to decor your dorm room to be the most comfortable for you because feeling comfort and secure in your college dorm room is important. I know that looking at family photos and facing the feeling of missing each of them may be tough, but I believe it will make you feel better at the end of the day.

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2) Having a 'call home' schedule.

Have a call schedule with your parents will help you to go through homesickness. At least once a day, take  30 minutes of your night to communicate with your parents. You will feel like even though you are far away from home but the people who created and filled your 'home' are still there with you. After having conversation with my mom every night, I always feel much more better and secure. You should try it too!

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3) Remember the reason you left your home

Sometimes, the best way to deal with homesickness is to remind ourselves the main reason why we had to leave our home, which is to study. Rather than letting homesickness take away our focus to study, I prefer to use it as a motivation by thinking : we don't want this 'painful experience' become meaningless. Study hard and keep in mind to do your best in college. At the end, we want to get the result that will be worth enough with our decision to leave home.

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4) Be thankful

Finally, the last words from me is to: Close your eyes, think about your home, and be thankful that you are very fortunate to still have family to love and miss.

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