29 August 2012

Get a small study space that works for you

Whether you are living in your parents house or a college dorm room, if you have a small and limited study space you may face several problems like me. I have a small study desk with a limited storage, even worse sometimes I have to share work space with my little sister (I wish I was kidding about this one) . Before I back to school next week, I really hope I will be able to make over and get a small study space that works for me, because I know I'm going to spend a looot of time in my study space. So today I decided to have research and brainstorm on some important things that I would like to know to make over my small study space, and here are what I found:

1) Lighting

A proper desk lighting is the first important part to be able to study properly. I read somewhere that the best lighting for studying is a yellow one rather than a full white lighting. I found this work lamp from IKEA that I think personally offers a good price (I always love IKEA).

KVART black work lamp with adjustable arm.
KWART Work Lamp from IKEA $12.99

2) Floating shelves

Floating/wall shelves is not hard to set-up but give us additional spaces for storage, books, and other things we need on our desk instead of putting everything on our little space.

{image credit}
{image credit}

The other thing I love about floating shelves is besides its functionality, it offers affordable price for us, college student, than purchasing a big book shelf which usually more expensive and need more spaces.

EKBY ÖSTEN/EKBY TÖRE Desk top shelf IKEA Mounts onto the table top; easy access storage that clears desk space.
Desk Top Shelf $16.99

3) Maximizing the vertical space

This is the next important thing I have learned today. When we don't have enough horizontal space, we have to maximize our vertical space. The picture below use the wall to organize study supplies, notebooks, and important notes. Using chalkboard or magnetic board to write important notes and appointments rather than set up a calendar on our desk may become a good decision.

{image credit}

{image credit}

There are actually some desk organizer that maximize our vertical space, to read more on this topic you may want to visit: organizing papers

4) Under desk storage

Besides the vertical space, we can maximize our under desk space for storage. May be this is the first one I'll apply on my study space because it is easy, on budget, and functional. I'm thinking about using under desk storage to organize my school books and files.

{image credit}

Rather than using cabinets which is expensive and not flexible, I prefer to use boxes and baskets:

BLADIS Box with lid IKEA This basket is perfect for storing your recipes, receipts, newspaper clippings and photos.
Bladis $12.99

PJÄS Basket IKEA This basket is suitable for storing your newspapers, magazines, photos or other memorabilia.
PJAS $14.99

Are you inspired? Now you have to excuse me for a while because I'm going to organize my study space :)

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