29 August 2012

Three Best Foods for Late night study session

When I have a late night study session, there are moment when I will starve and (usually) I end up cooking an instant noodle because it's easy and fast. However, it is bad for both our health and body. Then, I decided to stop eating instant noodle and look for healthy and easy foods for my late night study session! It turned out that I find other foods that even more easy and fast than instant noodle. So, let me introduce you to my new three friends for late night study :

Cereal + Milk

I love eating cereal with milk for breakfast and it also work for my late night study session. It is super-easy to be served, delicious, and healthy at the same time! So, whenever you starve in the middle of your late night study, grab a cereal and serve it with milk!


This is the classic solution but still work best for late night snacks : fruits! I prefer to choose something easy to be served like grapes, strawberry, and banana because I don't have to peel and cut it in the middle of my study session. So, going to fruit market and buy some for your late night snacks is a good choice.

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Another healthy yet easy snack is bread! I usually serve it with butter (my favorite) and eat it while I'm studying. This is the better option than fruits when I feel really hungry in the middle of my study session.

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So, they are my new three buddies for study in the middle of night. What are yours?:)

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