24 August 2012

6 easy ways to relax your body and mind


There are days when we get overwhelmed by unsolved problems, exam, work, and pressure from other people. We constantly experience body tension and short-tempered. We are unable to focus and we feel like "too much going on" in our life. If you experience any of these things, you need to relax. Take your time and let yourself be free for a while. In that way, you will feel much more better and can go back to life in a new spirit. So, these are things that can help you to relax:

1. Practice breathing techniques

This is always the most effective and easiest way to relax your body and mind.
Try to practice this techniques when you have to relax :
Slow down your breathing, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Count to five seconds before you exhale and then count to 5 again before you inhale (slowly). Do this 10 times then you will feel the tension start to leave your body. (I personally have tried this techniques and it truly worked!)

2. Find your privacy and write

When you get overwhelmed, find your own time at least once a day when you can be alone, comfortable, and restore your mind. Planning out your privacy time in your day planner. Then, use that time to take a warm shower or bath, writing, read a good book, and lie on your bed alone will help you to feel more relax. Put away your laptop, mobile phone, and everything that related to your study and work. Use this time wisely.
Then review what is going on in your life, write every single thing that you think as the reasons of your stress. In this way, you will able to look for logical solution to your problems.

3. Routine Exercise

Exercise is known and proven to reduce the stress. I heard many people say that they don't have time to exercise. Think about it, 30 minutes of exercising will restore your mind and energy which later will help you to study and work efficiently. Doing exercise is not a wasting of time, it actually save your time. Walk at park, ride a bike, and stretch for 30 minutes everyday.

4. Listen to music

Listen to calm and relaxed music for 10 minutes when you start feeling overwhelmed. Do breathing techniques while you are listening to music. This will help you to put your mind together and get relax.

5. Practice positive thinking

Close your eyes and build a positive thinking toward your life. Do this by visualization, imagine a calm scene when you lie on your bed, ride a bike, and go to vacation with your family. Constantly say positive words in your mind and believe that you have full control to organize everything in your life.

6. Smile and laugh

Smile with both your mouth and eyes. Research shows this is the best medicine to your mind. Smile and laugh produces endorphins that will fight your stress. Smile and laugh is the most natural way to release stress. It is worth to take your time watch a nice and funny movies to give your mind a 'break'.

I wonder what is your way to release your stress?share with us :)


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