25 August 2012

5 Ways to make money in College

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Many of college students want to be able to make some extra money while in college (including me). With tight schedule in college, we obviously can't work at full-time job,however there are still a few ways for making money in college:

1. Find information on-campus job

Perhaps this is the most recommended way to money in College. Find information on what job your campus offers to their students and make sure you choose the one that related to your subjects and major. The good thing about working in your own campus is you can save your time and money on transportation.

2. Virtual tutor

If you are good and have a knowledge at particular subject, try online tutoring at tutor.com. You will get paid for $10-$14 per hour for giving an online tutor via online chats and web cam. You don't n any teacher certificate, you will only be tested on your subject via online. The limitation of this option is tutor.com only available for people who stay in U.S and Canada.

3.Sell stock photography online

If you love taking beautiful picture using your camera, there is a website where you can make money from selling your picture called Dreamstime.com. You will get paid when someone download your picture.

4. Look for competition

Find information on local, national, and international competition. Some of them give a lot of money for the winner. However, keep in mind to participate on competition that is related to your subject.

5. Set-up a small business

If you are good at something, try to sell those skills or products by setting up your own business when you are in college. If you are good at baking cupcakes, offer your friends to buy your cupcakes. Another example if you are good at using photoshop, offer your friends your service for designing logo, brochure, and more.

Are you inspired? Besides the money, by working or setting up small business in college I am sure you will get valuable experience along the way!:) I am wondering if you have some ways to make money in college that I haven't mentioned, share with us :)


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