31 August 2012

5 Healthy Must-Have Dorm Snacks

For the last couple of months, I have been trying to eat more healthy foods for my own good. Potato chips and delicious cakes are used to be my favorite dorm snacks. Who doesn't love potato chips? But, since I've been trying to eat less unhealthy snacks, I'm looking for other option to be my little bites in the middle of the day, they have to be healthy, delicious, and of course easy. Therefore, I switch from potato chips and cakes to these 5 healthy dorm snacks (actually these 5 are my new favorites, you'll like it too after you get closer with them! ) 

Low-fat yogurt

I read somewhere that low-fat yogurt has many benefits for our body because it contains protein, calcium, mineral, and immunity. Despite its ingredients, low-fat yogurt is easy to served (actually all we have to do is open the packaging) and delicious.
Serving ideas : Most of people serve yogurt with many kind of fruits, but I prefer to serve it with cereals because I think its more delicious.

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Dark chocolate

Yes, I said dark chocolate! Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains lower fat. I also found out that it is full of antioxidants, good for our brain, heart, and helps to control blood sugar. So, switching from high fat chocolate to dark chocolate is a wise choice for your snack.

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Green tea

When it comes to a healthy drink, green tea is my best option. Especially when I know that green tea is able to relax our mind, reduces bad cholesterol, and good for our skin. The other good thing that I found about green tea is it actually help people who try to loss some weight by increasing their metabolism. So, if you are on a diet program, green tea is there to help you.

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Whole grain crackers

This is a good choice for replacing my crunchy potato chips, let me introduce you to whole grain crackers! If I miss eating something crunchy, I will eat this delicious crackers. You may often heard that "whole grain" is a very recommended food, yes its true! It has almost than 50% less of fat comparing with plain potato chips. Whole grain crackers also act as a source of fiber and nutrition for our body. 
Serving ideas: when I want something more fun, I usually serve it with peanut butter which also contains a lot of protein.

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Edamame beans

You may have seen this little beans in Japanese restaurant, but if you have no idea what kind of beans it is well its known as Edamame beans. Although it takes time to be served ( we have to boil it with salt), but its truly worth it because:
  • Edamame has high nutrition value and health benefits.
  • It is natural sources for antioxidants which fights free-radical in our body. In other words, its fight cancer.
  • Edamame also contain a high protein level as well as vitamins and minerals. 
  • We haven't done yet because it also contains fiber which will help our diet. I'm surprised by how much nutrition are contained in this small beans!

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 So, these are my new healthy dorm snacks to lighten up my mood in the middle of my day! Do you have other suggestions for healthy dorm snacks for me? I would really love to know!

*All the facts about food nutrition in this post is from  http://www.livestrong.com 


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    1. Hi littlemissjane, sorry for late reply, I just realized that your comment is go to spam folder. Thank you so much! I have followed you too :)


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