22 August 2012

5 Best Investment for College Dorm Room


Excited to living in your new college dorm? When we move to college, it will be our first transition to live independently away from our parents and family. There fore each of us want to make sure that we have a comfortable life in our new environment and dorm room plays a big role in our college life.
We are going to live there for many years in college,so it is worth to look at what good investment we should buy to our college dorm. This will help us get organized and experience a better freshman year.

1. Desk Lamp
SUNNAN LED table lamp IKEA No costs for electricity. The solar panel converts sunlight to energy. Easy to use. No cables or plugs are needed.

Bring a desk lamp may be a good investment for your college dorm. There are many benefits of purchasing a desk lamp for your college dorm. The picture above is a LED table lamp from IKEA with solar panel. The price is $19.99.
Some college have night hours where every lamp is turn off and this why study lamp will help you to study over night. Besides, this will also help you to study if your college dorm do not provide a good lighting for you. It is also useful especially when your roommate is sleeping and you still want to do some assignments.

2. Under bed storage

Keep in mind that most of dorm rooms have limited storage for your things. Dorm rooms also have limited space for you to bring a large items such as drawer. Therefore preparing under-bed storage is another good investment because it is easy to clean, easy to bring, and designed for small-space storage. You can put your bathroom and kitchen supplies under your bed instead on your desk.

3. Ergonomic Desk Chair

You will spend a lot of time studying at your desk when you are in college, so if you have a budget, look for a good ergonomic desk chair is a good investment. Besides, you can still use this chair for your own bedroom after you graduate. Make sure you pick a chair that is most comfortable for you. However, if your dorm room already provided a comfort desk chair, you do not have to purchase a new one to save some money.

4. Extra blanket and pillow

Get yourself extra home blanket and pillows is a good investment reminding that this is the first time you move out from you house. You will need to be able to live comfortably in your new college environment. With blanket and pillows from your old bedroom will help you to deal with your homesick. At the same time,  it can make your dorm room space become more comfortable with 'home' items around you every day.

5. Egg Crate/ Memory Foam Toppers

Dorm room bed are not known as a comfortable one, so if you have a trouble or difficulty in sleeping purchase an egg crate or memory foam toppers for your college dorm is a another good investment. Make sure you pick an extra comfort egg crate/ memory foam toppers because you are going to use it for your years in college.

Finally, this is my top 5 investment for college dorm room, hopefully it can help you to prepare your college dorm room! Do you have another good investment for college dorm room to share? :)


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  1. Top 5 college dorm room :

    Grizzly bear
    Whale ( if the dorm has a big aquarium )

    you can play with him whenever you are bored, such as card games, monopoly, etc. They also keep yoh safe from bad people.

    Which one do you like the most ?


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