22 August 2012

4 Tips to Manage Your Money as a College Student


Today I am excited to share with you some tips on how to manage your money as a college student. This week I will talk a lot on some tips and ways to manage your money in college. I hope these tips will help you along 
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Start saving in your college is a good start point to get your financial life in control. As you grow older, your responsibilities will be bigger and bigger, so it is a good decision to start saving while you’re in college. This makes a huge difference on where you will stand financially when you graduate from college. I will talk on later post on how to allocate your money into a saving account.


This is one of mistakes that college student usually make. Instead of checking your accounts once a month or only when you need to pay your bills, check your bank accounts every morning and night is a good next step to have full control on your expense and savings.  You can use free application that your bank offers to be able to check your bank account using your laptop. By doing this, you will always know where you stand financially which will help you to plan your life.


Having one or more revenue streams when you are in college will not only help you to pay your cost of living but also help you to start saving money for your future. Try to find information on what part-time job that your college offers to their students. You can also sell things on ebay.com or be a virtual tutor at tutor.com. Another thing you can do in college is baby-sitting in your neighborhood.


I know we want to have some fun as a college student, but it will not be fun anymore when you face yourself in financial disaster because of over-spending your money (trust me). To avoid this, make a daily and monthly budget on how you want to spend your money. This will be a reminder when your spending is over-budget. Always remember to focus on the things you NEED instead of the things you WANT. There is a big difference. 

I hope this tips will help you to manage your money in college! :D
I will be talking deeper on each of these points on later post, keeping up! :)

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