22 August 2012



Being organized means knowing what is going on in your college life. Busy schedule can turn your college life into a nightmare without being organized. Here are the little things that can help us to get organized as a busy college student:

1. Get yourself a day planner

There are many many benefits of using a day planner in your college life:
- You can write down all upcoming exams and school events at monthly section in your day planner once you receive your schedule
- You can write down all appointments you have in weekly section
- You can write down the due dates of all school assignments and plan when you want to get it done
- You can use it as a reminder of your friends birthdays as well as important events
After all, your college life will be get much more organized with a good day planner!
I usually use my day planner to write down my daily schedule including upcoming quizzes, homework, and assignments.  I also use it to write down my bank account balance to monitor my money frequently.

2. Study Time


Dedicate at least 1-2 hours of your day to review, practice, and study your materials. By doing this consistently will help your college life get more organized. Study 6 hours a night before your exam is a bad idea and only make things worse! I've mentioned on my previous post on Optimal Study Hours by Adam Khoo that 2 hours is the most optimal length of time to study.
Write and highlight your study time on your day planner!

3. Organize All Papers and Files

I used to lose some of my important notes, papers and files the day before exam and it truly sucks because I have to waste my time trying to look for these notes all over my room and end up borrowing my friend's papers and files. Then (again) wasted my time to make sure every papers is copied.
Until I realized there is a better solution to organize my papers and files instead of putting all papers in my bag once I received it.I try to use this 3-ring binder which turn out to be very helpful!

I put all my important school papers into this file and labeling them according to the subjects. No more losing paper and files, hooray!

4. Set-up Your Desk

Set-up your desk to be what you most comfortable with. Purchase a pencil case, storage, clock, study lamp, and everything you need to be able to study efficiently. Then, write down all the things you need on your table that you think will help you to get your mood to study. It can be your family photos or some motivational quotes.An organized table will help your college life be more organized at the same time.

This is all from me, hopefully it can help you to get more organized in college!


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